About Touching Lives

Touching Lives with hope and encouragement for life

Touching Lives® Ministry is the international broadcast ministry of Dr. James Merritt, Senior Pastor of Cross Pointe Church, in Duluth, Georgia.  Nearly 20 years after its founding, Touching Lives Ministry uses a wide array of technologies to share Dr. Merritt's messages with souls in all 50 states and 122 countries around the world, touching millions of lives with the hope and encouragement of Jesus Christ. Thousands have come to Christ as a result and the number continues to grow daily.

The name of the ministry is also its mission, touching the lives and hearts of millions each week with the Gospel of Christ.  Lives have been dramatically changed, hearts mended, marriages restored, and families put back together, all through the Holy Spirit’s power in Dr. Merritt’s down-to-earth messages. It is, indeed, a ministry for the 21st Century.

Touching Lives Ministry seeks out those who have never heard the name Jesus Christ and makes Him known.  We minister to the countless who are hurting and need a touch of God’s love. Touching Lives Ministry helps empower Christians in their daily walk with God to be bold in their faith.  We encourage those who are weak to be strong in their stand for God and in their convictions through the word of God.

Dr. Merritt’s purpose remains to bring the lost to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. His messages deliver the life-changing Gospel in a way that those who hear its words can readily apply them to the problems and concerns we all face in our daily lives.

Touching Lives Ministry was established to unashamedly proclaim the Gospel of Christ through God’s love, power and plan for everlasting life. To that end, we are eternally committed.