How To Watch


Touching Lives is available on television in all 50 states and 122 countries around the world! 

Most viewers can find us on one of the following networks or stations...

Sunday 8:30 am Eastern

Available over the air and on all major cable systems. 

Viewers inside the United States can find local channel information here.

Viewers outside the United States can find channel information here.

(Please note that the default display time for program listings on TBN's website is Pacific time.)

Also available from the following satellite providers:

DirecTVChannel 372
DISH Network   
Channel 260
GlorystarChannel 2
Sky AngelChannel 127


Sunday 7:00am EST

Available on most major Cable and Satellite Providers



Sunday 8:30 pm Eastern

(Also airs at other times throughout the week - check The Church Channel website for details)

(Please note that the default display time for program listings on TCC's website is Pacific time.)

Available on DirecTV Satellite Service and AT&T UVerse Service. 



We are now available on Roku.  Watch Dr. Merritt each week, for free on the "Touching Lives" Roku channel.

For more information on the Roku Media Player, click here.


Touching Lives is also available "On Demand" via our website each week.

You can also view our broadcasts via our mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.


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You can also subscribe to our audio and video podcasts, via iTunes and "Apple TV" devices.


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