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Palm City, FL

My husband and I have been faithfully watching your program every Sunday evening for the past two years. We never miss it!!  We love your sermons and after each one we both look at each other and say "Man, he is one awesome preacher".  We cannot get enough of your teachings and look forward to seeing you every Sunday.  We belong to a wonderful church here in Florida, but we both have decided to make a trip to Georgia to visit your church in the near future.  God Bless you.


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Indianapolis, IN

I grew up in a Christian home. I attended Sunday School and Church with my family on Sunday mornings/evenings then went to Wednesday evening services with my friend.  Vacation Bible School was always great so I can't use 'not knowing' as an excuse. 

But, I managed to put religion on a back burner as I engaged in arrogance, pridefulness, and self-importance. I was succeeding in all the 'right' things but never truly happy, easily bored, always moving on to bigger and better things...or so I thought.  Don't get me wrong.  The work I was doing was both good and rewarding (counseling children/adolescents in locked facilities) but arrogance and pride were the driving forces.  Looking back, I regret that because of my self-importance I was never as good of a therapist as I could have been if I would have just had a different focus. 

Then came the day I was fired from my great job and I found myself homeless, financially poor, too ashamed to tell family or, heaven forbid, ask for help.  I didn't work for 9 months, lived on unemployment checks, slept on a friend's couch, and was faced with a life changing reality check...thank God. 

Then sight unseen and 3 phone conversations later, that lasted all of 30 minutes combined, I found myself with a job working with veterans.  That was 10 years ago.  I miss working with the kids but the veterans have lived their own unique lives with circumstances and challenges far beyond anything I have ever faced. 

When my life became less hectic, I began to think, reflect, and seek lessons learned by my upbringing.  I read and continue to read my bible every day because it always seems to have new things that I missed the last time.  I talk to God a lot.  My influence on others is much more productive and profound since putting Him first.  I now know what it means to be continually prayerful. Being humbled by God was the best thing that could have happened to me.  I still fight the arrogance and pridefulness but their hold on me has been greatly weakened. 

I'm living proof of the 'trickle down' theory.  With God as CEO, I'm a better person and I believe it's reflected in how I interact and share with those around me.  Praise and glory be to God.


Kershaw, SC

Touching lives has meant so much to me. I rarely miss a Sunday morning telecast, but if I do I will go online to hear it . Dr Merritt gives spiritual nurturing to my soul! The way he explains the bible makes you want to find God's will in your life and obey Him. I just planted a (financial) seed in your ministry so Touching Lives can reach out to the lost in the world. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY!


Morgantown, WV

My husband was 58 years old and had black lung. He was in the final stages. My husband died in January ,2006.  My daughters husband left her. In 2007 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I could not have made it through all of this and the cancer treatments if I had not had God.

Every timI would go into surgery, they would say 'don't you have someone with you', and I would say, "yes I have Jesus', and they would say 'well,you don't need anyone else.'

The night my husband died my son,who is a preacher was there.  My husband had just died and he said, 'mom, do you feel it?'  I looked over and my son was crying and half bent over.  He had felt the angels brush by him and go to the head of the bed.  He said his dad seemed to have burst out of his body and (the angels) got him and then came back by. We actually left the hospital with a smile on our faces.  My son said, 'I used to be afraid of dying, I wont be now. He said, 'I wanted to say wait for me,wait for me.'  The love of the Lord has carried us through all of this.


Urbana, IL

Dr. Merritt, you are my very favorite pastor that I watch on TV.  My husband was not a Christan.  After watching your programs he learned so much from you.  He never went to church in his life and was never baptized.  That has changed.  He still is learning and he has changed in lots of ways.  He tells me that you tell it like it really is and I think so also. Love you and your ministry.



This has to be one of the best sermons I have seen (Don't Even Think About It).  If one marriage from an affair can be saved from this episode than it is worth every bit.   Just maybe someone on the verge of such a devastating step (adultery) will take heed to the message and stop before it's to late and a family is destroyed.


Montgomery, NY

My husband and I just watched your teaching "On the Money" and were so excited.  ...everything you taught... we were high five-ing and A-men-ing to it all.  You see, we have been faithfully and cheerfully tithing through 2 years of what would seem like overwhelming debt and are happy to report, that God has been miraculously faithful through it all!

We were real estate investors who, like many others, got caught in the whirlwind of the next great deal.  We are Believers, but did not seek the Lord with each transaction, and got caught as slaves to our decisions. We repented, turned back to The Lord and Wow!! We are free from over 1 million dollars of real estate debt, and now very close to 100% debt free....all without bankruptcy.

We are always looking for ways to give to the Kingdom, listening to God with intention and joy. Thank you for putting the truth out there so simply and clearly. We are ordering the series to share with our family and friends.


Charlotte, MI

I had been watching the Jonah series before I had to go down south to Alabama. My father-in-law died from a battle with cancer, and then two weeks later my brother-in-law killed himself. It was a horrible, but we are getting through. We have been back in Michigan now for a few weeks. I just now was able to watch the last of the series (What Really Matters). God’s timing is everything; he knew I needed it today. The show was awesome and right on time!

See the devil had been beating me up since what happened with my brother-in-law. My husband and I were just getting to know him. When we were down to his father’s funeral he told us he was contemplating suicide. So, I was feeling guilty and responsible. I knew they were lies from the devil; I have dealt with him many times in my life.

I suffered with a mental illness for 15 years of my life; five years into the mental illness God promised to heal me; ten years later the healing came! Glory be to God! To help others, I decided to write a book about my journey and healing (Love and Acceptance), which brings me back to the Jonah series.

Feeling guilty and like God would not use me any more, I was looking for something to watch on T.V. Then I remembered I did not watch the last show of the series yet.  I watched it twice!

As you can tell, I am very excited! See while writing my book God showed me the love he has across denominational lines and how Christians are supposed to love and accept one another; not worry about technicalities. Many pastors and fellow Christians told me how wrong I was, but tonight after watching What Really Matters, I realized me caring more about loving people is the right thing to do! As a child of God who is trying to be obedient to what God has placed upon my heart I have seen how many Christians worry more about their surroundings than one another.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has a part in getting your program out. I know I will hurt for sometime. I have to grieve my loss, but I also know God has placed a mission in my heart, and unlike Jonah I will not let God down by forgetting about those He loves!

Thanks again and thanks for following the Spirit of God!


Lagos, Nigeria

Praise the Lord everyone!  I am a young Nigerian woman, a Catholic by faith.  I got married for 2 & 1/2 yrs now.  Was wedded in church, but the devil swore that I would not conceive.

I visited several hospital/medications of no avail but God just disappointed the devil in June 2010.  Right now I am carrying my baby through Jesus name alone.  I thank God that His word has been fulfilled today in my marriage and I know/trust that He that started it will bring it to perfection. Amen praise God and pray along with me!


Hicksville, NY

My husband was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor on July 5, 2005. Most people live 6 months to a year.  This year he started failing fast.  Even though we had him a lot longer than most, it was still difficult to see him go.  My husband's name was Joseph. When Dr. Merrit did the series of teaching on Joseph, it was so conforting to hear him say "but God was with Joseph." I knew God loved us, but to hear those words gave me strength to get through those final days.


Canton, OH

I no longer can imagine a Sunday morning without your program to begin my day. Your manner of presenting God's word touches my very soul in a way that draws me nearer to the Lord. Thank you for being there to help me deal with my personal struggles.


Toney, AL

I like listening to James Merritt on the internet at work because he gives me encouragement when there really is no encouragement in the work force.  He is very simple in his sermons which makes it easy for me to understand and keep up.  He is also lively and enthusiatic about his sermons which keeps me awake.  Most preachers are too complex and can be boring and overbearing.  Thank you James for your continual deadication in serving the Lord and touching my life.  Many blessings to you and your family.


Nairobi, Kenya

Thanks be to God for the inspirational sermons you preach. God worked out a miracle of resurrection in my life and through it all He makes everyything possible even when it is not in human understanding.

You have always encouraged me even when I am suffering. Anytime I get a chance to watch you on TV, you are just so much a blessing with your insights. My spiritual life is built daily.

Thanks for the uncompromising Gospel. That is what is required in these last days. Keep up and GOD BLESS.

This weeks message, "Why Can't We All Get Along?" is timely for me. I listened to it on TV and could not help but watch it on the web as I take notes. It has answered my questions over battles I get into: seeking GOD for direction. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!


Adelaide, South Australia

Thank you Dr Merritt for the Word of God you teach.  We are Seniors who love the Lord and appreciate your ministry.


Williston, FL

I SHARE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST!!!  He's so special to me that I want to share my story:

Jesus Christ saved my life from a truck accident where I lost my 2 friends in 2006. I stayed in a coma for 6 weeks with a tracheotomy in my throat.  I now have ataxia - uncoordinated movements - (but) I've been focusing on intense therapy & studying the bible day & night!  I am so close to God that I can feel his power!

There were many days when I felt no confidence but then I learned that you can still have confidence!  The strength that  the Lord gives me is perfect through weakness (2 Cor. 12:9). My Savior gives me so much hope.

Get lost in God's word todaY!  I live a very blessed life...spread the happiness! I was meant to SHINE not just survive. :)


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Opelika, AL

One night my friend called me at 1am wanting to find out more about Jesus and how to receive Him as savior. I knew he was a user of drugs and thought he was high on them, but I told him to come on over anyway and we would talk. It was in the warm months of the year, so keep that in mind. I got out of bed and made some coffee to help me get awake.

To give you a little back ground information about us as friends, we were sort of drinking buddies and we also worked at the same place together.  I got saved March 8th, 1978.  Bill and I parted ways (as friends) because my love for Jesus would not allow me to continue on in such a way. When at work I would share Jesus with him as often as I could.  He did not understand the change in me but I tried to tell him the best way I knew how.  Being a new convert myself, I was learning all I could about my Savior so I could tell others.

Well as time rocked on Bill knew what I had was real and I guess he wanted to know more about it.   As Bill arrived (that night) I began to shake inside so bad you would have thought that it was winter time. This frightened me so much that I'm sure Bill could see it written on my face. I didn't know what was going on at the time.  All I knew was that God was telling me in my mind to kneel and pray right then. So I prayed with Bill hand in hand. When we finished praying I was cool as a cucumber, as the saying goes.

God performed a miracle that night and Bill got saved. I later learned that frightful night that Satan was the one who came into my house with Bill. After I had finished praying in the name of Jesus, Satan had to flee so I could tell my friend How I got saved.  God captured Bill's heart and he received Jesus that night. Amen.

This was my first known encounter with Satan, and he is real and not to be taken lightly. I learned a valuable lesson also and that is God is in control no matter what Satan throws at us.


Xenia, OH

I have been watching you for about two weeks now and I really have gotten so much from your messages.  I watched your message today on The Good the Bad and Ugly and it really got to me.  I have believed in Jesus Christ all my life and I'm still growing and every day I am learning somthing new.


Flagler, CO

Hello Dr. James Merritt,

Well I thank God that you chose the ministry after college, however I am sure you would have been a great attorney.  But, you couldn't possible have touched so many lives - not even  close to what you have and are doing now.

If anyone listens like my wife and I do and pass on to others what we have heard from you, your work continues to multiply.  It is no secret that God knows what He is doing as you of course already know, but the truth is that you are touching others through people like myself as I share everything I can from hearing you preach.

You are a blessing to the whole world. Remember your teaching doesn’t just stop here, it gets passed on to others from what we learn. I thank you and will continue to pray for you and your ministry.


Nairobi, Kenya

Hi.  I thank God for your ministry which has helped me to grow spiritually and is still helping me.  May God continue helping you to continue with His work of the great commission.


San Antonio, TX

On the "good side" of your sermon about angels (The Good Guys), you mentioned about angels under the wings of an airplane and I believe that. 

I used to be a military pilot, transporting dignitaries in the Philippines. (On one flight) it was night time and at around 8 PM bad weather started to take over.  I turned on my instrument lights, and was astonished and surprised that my lights were out. While in the middle of nowhere up in the air there is nothing much you can do except to land as soon as possible. But where?

While observing on the ground I saw the silhouette of a river and started to decend to a lower altitude without even knowing if I was flying level.   Before I attempted an emergency ditch (in the river), I needed to dump all my fuel. Seconds before touching down on the river, I prayed, GOD help me.  Then I realized that I was not alone, so I prayed again, help them (my passengers) too!!! Then we hit the river.

We all survived with minor injuries except for one who had a fracture!  Another plane and helicopter crashed because of the the bad weather.  A total of 19 passengers perished.

Know I know GOD sent us the angels to carry our plane at that time!


Geneva, NY

I want to thank Touching Lives and Dr. Merritt for being such a wonderful avenue for God to continuously bring me back to the truth of God.  Every message I hear on Touching Lives has reminded me of the truths I knew and taught me so much more.  Thank you so much for following God's Word without wavering or sugar coating. You give God so much glory in what you do, thank you.


Norton, OH

The one program I WILL NOT miss, is James Merritt.  I feel I'm being taught and that it is applicable to my daily life.  I so appreciate this program and pray that presenting it is the blessing to you that receiving it is to me.  Thank you.


Rotterdam, NY

Dr Merritt, I thank you for your sound Biblical teaching. My husband and I have enjoyed your preaching. It is such a blessing to know (that on) Sundays when for one reason or another we don't make it to church, you are there with a word for us.


Urbandale, IA

I used to watch James Merrit back home in Nairobi, Kenya and I still do on the website.  He's a great and annointed teacher of the word of God and a great blessing to my life.


New York

God has done amazing things in my life.

I come from a background where (a family member) was involved in witchcraft when I was growing up. As an adult, God delivered me from a demonic spirit right in the church. This happened a few years ago, and before He delivered me I was so tormented by the demons that I didn't know if I wanted to live anymore. I knew something was really wrong with me but didn't know what.

I accepted Jesus as my Lord because I knew He was the only one that could help me. As me and two other people were saying the sinner's prayer, I fell backwards and onto the floor with groans  and horrible noises coming out of me, and it was almost like a wrestling match but worse, I could feel at the pit of my stomach something rolling up towards my neck, I was aware of what was going on and the people in the church were all praying for me, after about 25 minutes, this spirit finally came out, I jumped up, and ever since I've been free. That's not to say, that I don't get attacked, but today, I know that I'm saved, healed and set free by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I'm sharing this with you because people don't realize that this is real and does happen to people.


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Wilmington, DE

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed your series, "The "S" Word".  I told many people to watch;  those married, single, some w/homosexual children, and anyone I could. The series was full of the Word of God and good information. It did what many ministries today are not willing to do.  It called sin, sin.

Above all it showed God's love for everyone, regardless of what they have done and invited them to know Jesus.  Thanks!


Columbus, IN

I really just wanted to share with your ministry how much I appreciate the message that James Merritt teaches every week.  

I always listen to him on Sunday mornings while I'm getting ready for my own church. He is not only preaching truth, but teaches it with such an anointing that it stays with me and I always end up sharing something I've learned from him with my family, friends or at church with the whole congregation.  

I appreciate his "no nonsense" delivery and the fact that he's unafraid to touch on topics that some preachers avoid due to "political correctness".  This alone tells me he is a TRUE man of God.

So, thank you to your ministry and to James Merritt for changing my life every Sunday morning!  

God loves you and so do I.  Be blessed.



On Saturday night, November 28, 2009, I called my sister and was on the verge of breaking down.  I told her to bring me some meds to help me make it thru the night. My specific words to her were, "I'm just having a pity party." 

Times are tough for everyone around the world.  I was served papers from local law enforcement yesterday for not paying a credit card that I owe on.  This was so very humiliating and it got me so down and out, I could barely function.  I took the meds my sister brought and a sleeping pill.  I told myself I was just going to sleep in Sunday and skip church. 

Well, I didn't sleep in. As a matter of fact, I woke up unusually early and turned the tv on. There on the TV was your program and you were preaching on "Despair Repair".  I couldn't move!  I listened to your every word, pulled out my prayer journal and started taking notes. Then, you mentioned something about having a pity party!  I almost fell off the bed!  I knew God was speaking to me through you and your service! 

Your words have made a profound effect on me and I am back in my Bible as I should have been all along and that depression I was in can hit the highway!  I will figure out a way to work thru this with God on my side!!! I am so thankful God put that particular sermon on your heart - trust me, it was meant for me!!  And I know it helped many, many others as well... Again, I thank you and please know I will be following you and supporting you from now on!! May God richly bless you and your family!


Milton, GA

Thank you for clearing up something I have been petrified about for most of my adult life.  I thought I was demon possessed even though I am a child of GOD.

(I heard) your sermon on 10-18-09 (The Bad Guys) by way of TV. 

I had stroke at age 1 which took over the left side of my body...   For 50 years Satan has been feeding me the line that I am demon possessed and that I have evil spirits in me.  But hearing your sermon this morning I know that I have been freed of these thoughts.

Thank You Jesus and Dr. Merritt for this message. 


Columbus, OH

I just got done watching Pastor Merritt's sermon on Open Up, which was a study on how to pray and ask God to supply us our needs. I gotta tell you all that I have had it all wrong and this message was just what I need to hear! This message is clear cut and straight to the point without all the fancy frills. This message was so profound to me that I downloaded it to hear again and again and to allow me to share with everyone that I have just about given up on God and the church, until hearing this message. 

I didn't get it until hearing this message, but now I do and with Dr. Merritt's help of this message, I now know how to pray and ask for my "needs' today and not tomorrow and praise God for the partial and not just the full reward! Today I will go and attend church again (which I haven't been to in months) and I will praise God for the partial and file spiritual bankruptcy.

Thank you Pastor Merritt for this message and doing God's work to reach me. I now have a new hope of marriage and family with God first and foremost in my life. I further encourage everyone to listen to this message on how to start each pray session. Thank you, thank you, thank you God for pastor Merritt reaching me when I was just about to give up on you...

It not about us, but God! And pastor Merritt really brings this to life in this message! It's not about greed, but our daily needs...even if it is  partial blessing, not the full reward of our wants, and how to properly ask for those needs. Thanks again pastor Merritt for changing my views and my life!


Fergus Falls, MN

I have wanted to write for quite sometime. I've been watching Touching Lives  for the past year, and download the messages onto my iPod. The messages are presented in a way that I can understand and actually remember and able to share with others what I learned.

It is so cool how the message for the week is exactly what I'm either struggling with or something that God has shown me and the message was confirmation of what God is showing me.  I'm finally being obedient and giving a donation. May God continue to use this ministry for His Glory!  Thank you!


Sanford, FL

I am 65 yrs old and my husband died suddenly after 43 yrs. of marriage. I got up the next morning and declared to my 3 children, I will be OK. I will allow God to work through me to provide (left with very little money) and it will be His victory. God has brought some tough days to me and so far I seem to have passed "the test" because I stay faithful to HIM.

I am not sure in the next months where I will live as my home is going into foreclosure after 21 yrs. here, but God knows. Thankfulness to God for where I am fills my every minute. He has put me on a new path and He knows the final destination. My aim is to honor Him and bring light to those around me. Thank you so much for ministering to me.


Nairobi, Kenya

Encouraged by your teachings especially about Angels and Demons.  God's Word has proved to be a real blessing.


Lawrenceville, GA

Wow!  What an amazing sermon. (The Sum Of All Fears)  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  I like the way that Dr. Merritt based his message from the Bible. 

The verse that stuck out most to me was Ecclesiastes 12:13b "...fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man." That is what my whole purpose in life is suppose to be. Wow! I forget about that.

Sometimes, I think it's being a good wife and mother to my children. Being a great educator and earning more degrees. Not to say that's not those things are not important but I can't take these things with me when I die.  It's important for me to remember that my relationship with God is forever and I need to make it my duty that I live that way.


Richmond, VA

I just wanted to let you know how much your sermons mean to me.  I have chosen to turn the radio off on my way to work in the morning and listen to one of your sermons on my iPod. 

I have learned so much over the past several weeks and I just wanted to share with you how much your ministry means to me.  Keep up the awesome work in the LORD and may God continue to bless you, your family and this wonderful ministry.  I know that it is changing lives as it has mine.


Jacksonville Beach, FL

My father-in-law loved your program!! We would always watch it, then he would call me to discuss the sermon and tell me what he learned from it. He was raised Catholic, but about 30 years ago, the Lord touched him, and he and his wife started going to church, but it seemed he was depending on works to get him to heaven. After one of your sermons, he seemed to finally comprehend GRACE!!!

His wife passed away 6 years ago, and ever since he's been wanting to go be with her. Well, the Lord finally gave him his desire and he went to be with Him on July 2nd.  I just wanted you to know what an impact you made on his life and how much we appreciate you & your ministry!!! (He was 89)


Roswell, GA

Your message (Mind Games) has taken me to a new life in Christ.   I really liked how you explained 2 Corinthians 10:5.  This is a revelation from above.

Pastor, God bless you, and may He continue to open your mind about His word. As believers,we need pastors like you to help us grow in the knowledge of Christ Jesus.  Thank you so much for blessing me with such a message.


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The Philippines

Dear Dr. Merritt, I just want you to know that I watched the program through TBN from the Philippines. A good time to start my Sunday as it comes our way early Sunday morning.


Rocky Mount, NC

Just a note to say how much I appreciate your broadcast on sunday mornings on TBN.  Every week you give my wife and I messages that feed our souls and help us in our walk with the Lord. Please put us on your prayer list as my wife has been out of work since January. It has been a struggle but God has provided our needs.  Thanks again for your ministry.



I have been watching Dr. Merritt since 1998.  Since moving 3 years ago, I have purchased many of his sermons on DVD.  Upon moving it was hard to find a church home, but Dr. Merritt was always there on Sunday mornings.  I am the Executive Director at a crisis pregnancy center and share the DVD's with staff, volunteers and clients.  In 2004 my only child died.  Dr. Merritt and Touching Lives were one of the constants that got me through this very rough time.  Even if you have a church, it never hurts to hear the word, and I can't think of a better way than Touching Lives.  Thank you for your ministry and may God bless you.


Columbus, GA

My husband and I always enjoy listening to Dr. Merritt teaching. When I got home from church he told me that I needed to hear... "Worship Rocks". I immediately went on the website to view telecast. Wow! what an awesome word. God is really speaking to us I can not wait to apply these principles. Thank you for letting God use this ministry to touch lives.



You have touched my life!  I was a sinner who was lost, and your teaching showed me how I could have a relationship with Jesus Christ, be born-again and have eternal life.  Thank you! I watch you twice a week and listen to your messages over the internet.  I pray that others will be touched by your ministry like I was.  God bless Touching Lives!


Humble, TX

My wife and I have been in the process of looking for local church. In the process of looking we came upon Touching Lives on the television. We have been blessed by the messages that were just what we needed to hear to encourage during a rough time in our lives. It is so refreshing to hear the Word of GOD not watered down. Thank You Dr. Merritt for being such a faithful servant of the Lord. We will be praying for you and your family and that for the ministry to be a means for the gospel to be spread to all others. God Bless.



Your broadcast makes it so easy to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am a former member of another large denomination and, until I started watching Touching Lives, was confused about the true Gospel.  I am so blessed and taught each week by your messages.  I have now found a Bible-believing church and plan to be baptized soon.  I thank you for helping me understand God's love for me!!


Abuja, Nigeria

Words cannot express the spiritual increase, the spiritual strength, the spiritual awakening and the spiritual alertness that I have derived out of your messages. They are really encouraging and hopeful. May our good Lord continue to use you in building me. Amen. I wish you more of His grace. Thank you.


Prosser, WA

My mom and I are blessed with a strong faith, and so we thank God for your broadcast (she sees you on TV, and I watch you on the internet).  We call each other to discuss what we have learned and to talk about how God is working in our lives.  Since we live so far from one another, this is our way of connecting" and it takes some of the sting out of the distance between us.  We know we are just a prayer away from each other and we thank the good Lord for keeping us in His embrace and comforting us through this separation. We praise God in spirit and in truth!


Meford, OR

I give God all the praise because of the way He gives me just what I need either from broadcasts such as yours or from His Word. The first thought that came into my mind this morning before listening to you is how do I live a Christian life with authenticity. I have been struggling with this for quite some time. I went through periods of deep depression and self-doubt. However, hearing your message (The Right Look) has made me realize how I can trust God to keep His Word in every situation and that I can fully trust Him to do what is impossible to do for myself. Thank you for being faithful in preaching His Word and may God Bless you, your family, and your ministry.


Columbus, OH

"I was watching your Father's Day broadcast (The Right Look) on the Trinity Network and the illustration you gave of being on vacation in Hawaii, and the little boy initially being afraid to jump into his Father's arms at the pool really hit me. I have given my life to God."

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Sulphur Springs, TX

We would like to say thanks to the Lord and your staff for being able to watch Dr James Merritt's streaming online weekly video. My wife & I are becoming more dependent on viewing online christian programming such as yours & others.

Thanks to God and and the good works that His kingdom has provided through you.


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