The God Of Science

March 24, 2023

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. - (John 8:32)

Yesterday, we began a conversation about how science and Scripture come together and are intertwined together. Specifically, we discussed how God’s truth contains scientific truth. Today, I want us to discuss two other points on this topic that I believe will help us gain a better understanding of the relationship between science and God’s Word.

One important thing we need to understand in regard to this topic is that God’s truth corresponds to scientific truth. Many people want to put science in the living room and the Bible in the attic. They want to keep them apart, but that really doesn’t solve what people see to be the problem.

Science, history, and theology are not three distinct branches of knowledge. They are simply three different ways in which we view the world around us. You can’t always separate them. Here is a classic example. Take the resurrection of Jesus. Was that a theological event, a historical event, or a scientific event? The answer to that question is “Yes.”

It is recorded as a historical event. If His body was physically and literally raised from the dead, then scientifically you are now dealing with anatomy, biology, physics, and even chemistry. And then, of course, the resurrection is the basis of all Christian theology. The truth of the matter is if you take the scientific and historical truth out of the resurrection you have no theological truth left.

Simply put, the God of the Bible is the God of science. The God of the Bible is the God of nature, and He is also the God of truth.

Finally, we need to understand that God’s truth is confirmed by scientific truth. Scripture must always be our go-to book. Science can tell you how you got here, but only Scripture can tell you why you are here. Scientific truth has its limits. It can answer a lot of important questions, but it can’t answer the most important questions. Only Scripture can tell you who you are, why you are here, what you are to do while you are here, and where you go when you leave here.

The Bible is not a book of biology, but it will lead you to the Lamb of God that can take away your sins. It is not a book of medicine, but it can lead you to the Great Physician who can heal your heart and cure you of the one disease that will kill you forever and that is sin. This book is truth and when you know this truth and the One who said He is the truth, you will be set free now and forever.

Dear Lord, thank you for how you have woven theology, history, and science today. I praise you for being an all-knowing God who is intentional in His creation. I pray that you would continue to increase my knowledge of who you are and what you’ve done as I study your Word each day. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”