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Born Again - What\'s Up With That?

August 11, 2013

Of all the one-on-one conversations Jesus had with people in the Bible, one in particular stands out from all the rest. It happened one evening with a Pharisee named Nicodemus. This ruler of the Jews engaged Jesus in a question-and-answer session that has eternal implications to this very day. In it, the precedent was set that a relationship with God begins with a new birth. Like Nicodemus, many people still don\'t have a clue about what being born againĀ really means. This message crystallizes what Jesus meant and gives a thorough explanation on why it\'s so critical for people to fully grasp its understanding and intent.

Topics: Salvation, Repentance

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In this series, Dr. Merritt wrestles with four of the most frequently asked questions about faith, life, and the world around us - questions that perhaps you've been hesitant to ask the only One who can answer them.

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