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Getting In Position

April 15, 2012

For anyone who is a follower of Christ, one of life\'s enduring questions is, \'how do I find God\'s will for my life?\' Sometimes it seems like that\'s an impossible question to answer. Yet, the Bible is clear that God is ready and waiting to reveal His will to us for every situation we face in life. God wants us to know His will more than we want to know it. Dr. Merritt tells us that the first step in finding God\'s will is \"Getting in Position\" - that is, getting our minds and hearts in a position to trust God as our mentor and our model for life.

Topics: God's Will

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Join James Merritt as he lays out the process each believer can follow for discovering God's will. Learn God's will for His kingdom, for Christians...and for you. Stop doing things your own way and choose God's best plan for you by learning how to find God's will for your life.

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