Calling Your Bluff

May 12, 2013

The difference between a church attender and a church member is commitment. Attenders are spectators while members are participants. It\'s easy to see the difference between the two. But sometimes, it\'s not so easy to join ourselves with other people. Often, we don\'t feel like we have anything to contribute. But that\'s not how God sees it. He sees each of us as a key part of His Body. Learn more with the sermon, Calling Your Bluff. Calling Your Bluff is a part of the All In Sermon Series.

Topics: Obedience

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All In

James Merritt breaks down what the Bible teaches about living a life of commitment. Straddling the fence in any area of life will only produce mediocre results at best. There's a reason why God wants your very best. Find out the reason in the series "All In."

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